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In addition, Rosetta’s navigation camera, NAVCAM, is now imaging the comet daily for navigation purposes during the final approach. Therefore, presented here is the NAVCAM view from yesterday, 23 July, which also now shows the outline of the comet’s shape. NAVCAM has a 5 degree field of view and takes 1024 x 1024 12 bit per pixel images,so has lower resolution than the OSIRIS narrow angle camera..

On April 14, the Friday before Easter, she paid an unannounced visit to HomeSafe, a home for abused teen girls, in Lake Worth, Fla, according to the ‘Palm Beach Post.’ There were no official photos but according to a picture she posted on Twitter she wore tight white jeans, high heeled sandals and an olive green cargo shirt for the visit. « The young ladies I spoke with hold so much promise for the future, » she tweeted. Joe Cavaretta, , South Florida Sun Sentinel, APMelania Trump was at the White House on April 5, 2017, to help welcome Jordan’s King Abdullah II and Queen Rania to Washington.

Closest I got was Thailand on the honeymoon. That’s the problem with the race, especially for someone like me who really enjoys going to less developed countries and places that are unlike home. On The Amazing Race, you don’t really have a chance to soak it up, enjoy it, spend time with local people.

Snapped a couple more photos here in an attempt to capture the spaciousness of Premium Economy onboard the Cathay Pacific flight. I felt almost voyeuristic as I tried to discreetly point the camera towards the seat on my left (check out how wide and roomy those armrests are!!) without freaking out the guy two seats away (thankfully he was too engrossed in his movie to notice me). And the photo to the right is me trying again to highlight just how generous the size of the armrests are by panning in on the width of the armrests of the row of seats in front of me.

Oui, certes; et notre siècle, à travers tant de vicissitudes, a recueilli du moins cette vérité. De la morale usuelle, recommandée par le bon sens et l’intérêt bien compris, il est remonté à la source de toute morale, au pur spiritualisme; et par le spiritualisme il a touché naturellement à la religion, où il rencontrait les mêmes principes sous une sanction sublime et sainte. Ainsi s’est confirmée de nouveau cette expérience de l’antique sagesse, que, dans les choses de l’intelligence, l’utile, c’est l’idéal; que, pour se retrouver tout entier, l’homme doit se reporter vers Dieu; que, pour bien vivre sur la terre, il doit la dépasser de ses vux et de sa ferme croyance, et que le bon sens, comme l’élévation d’âme, a ses racines dans les cieux..

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