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It shouldn’t be too difficult to understand why developing a new, healthier relationship to writing was one of the main reasons I decided to return to academia. Writing groups have been transformational for me as the process of working with, responding to, and eventually collaborating with my peers has allowed me to identify myself increasingly as a practitioner, rather than simply a learner. As we began to share our work, we developed our skills in critical reading, editing, and giving feedback, which in turn have led to a growing sense of confidence in academic selves, something that Kamler and Thomson (2007) have referred to as ‘discursive social practice.’ Finally, writing groups allow us to identify ourselves as a member of a writing group facilitates our identifying ourselves of a larger peer community (Maher, 2008)..

La cuisine de Sainte Hélène se veut délicieuse et réconfortante représentant le meilleur de sa culture, de sa communauté et de sa convivialité. Avec un melting pot saupoudré de nombreuses origines, la gastronomie locale est empreinte de ces influences cuites, rissolées, farcies ou encore nature proposant ainsi des plats représentant fièrement leurs habitants. De manière plus pragmatique, avec l’isolement, les recettes locales évoluent au gré de la disponibilité des ingrédients, ce qui les rend très facilement adaptables aux goûts de chacun.

You want to change something, go somewhere or meet someone. How, when and why are questions just out of reach. That was my story. Unbeknownst to him, my supervisor gave some stellar advice in one plain sentence, a few weeks ago. Although this advice was not directly meant for me, and was part of a general conversation about papers and publications, it something I took to heart and have applied ever since: sit down and write it tell yourself you are going to work for this amount of hours, and sit there and write it Just sit down best advice ever, because it made me concretely realize that writing is not challenging due to a lack of inspiration, but due to a lack of focus. If you give yourself the time and the space to do nothing else but work on writing, there will be no shortage of ideas, arguments, counterarguments and eventually words on the page..

D’impressionnants murs d’enceintes entourent la colonne surplombée de Germania, la cousine allemande de Marianne. Miss Djax vient de terminer son set. Un speaker beugle dans le micro : Vous avez été près d’un million aujourd’hui à célébrer la techno ! La musique reprend, à fond de cale, sur Da Funk, le fameux morceau que Thomas m’a fait écouter chez lui.

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