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Et là ça fait 2 heures bordel que je cherche comment inverser la position des écrans sur le bureau étendu. Et oui parce que là c’est con, je dois déborder sur la droite du premier écran (le principal), pour me retrouver sur le deuxième écran (le secondaire). à gauche.

This Guidance Document provides recommendations and more detail on implementation of the Order and the monitoring and movement of travellers arriving from these three countries with or without symptoms of EVD. While the terms « isolation » and « quarantine » are defined and used in specific ways by public health, for the purpose of this document, the terms « isolate or isolation » mean being separated from others and are used for both those contacts with or without symptoms.The degree of social distancing or movement restriction depends upon the way in which the communicable disease is transmitted, how contagious it is, whether an infected person is contagious before symptoms arise, and also an assessment of the personal circumstances.In the current EVD outbreak, it is estimated that about half of the people who contract EVD die as a result, with a range from 25% to 90% fatality in past outbreaks. Ebola is transmitted by direct contact with infected bodily fluids or an infected dead body.

The Huffington Post published a blog by Anika Rahman, President of Americans for UNFPA on 15 September reflecting on the new report, « Trends in Maternal Mortality » released by UNFPA, WHO, UNICEF and the World Bank. She wrote, « I am reminded of women like Veronica Komba from Tanzania, whose story was recently featured in UNFPA’s Mothers Saved. At the age of 14, Veronica was left homeless, hungry and pregnant.

The State Party reports that the development of an ecological monitoring system for Sochi National Park and adjacent territories is being completed, and that it is expected to be implemented from April 2011 onward. The State Party also states that at present the integrity of the property is intact, and that no plans for the development of infrastructure and other facilities within the boundaries of the property have been approved. The World Heritage Centre and IUCN however continue to receive reports from NGOs on a number of other planned and on going infrastructure developments within the property, including a road to Lunnaya Polyana, a road and power lines from Guzeripl to Lagonaki Plateau, the development of a ski resort at the Biosphere Scientific Centre in Lunnaya Polyana, and the reinforcement of the banks of the Achipse and Laura rivers, which may threaten spawning grounds for brown trout.

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