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14 february 2010 unfpa in the news

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Organisers had predicted a record turn out of 1.5 million, but in the end 1.3 million ravers took to the streets of Berlin, assuring this year’s Love Parade was nevertheless a major commercial success. The commercial side of the Parade has gone from strength to strength over the past few years to the point where the annual procession is now in danger of becoming more about Money than Love! In fact, the Love Parade, which now ranks as one of Berlin’s most important cultural events of the year, brings in a huge amount of deutschmarks in terms of broadcasting rights and sponsor deals as well as packing out the city’s hotels for the weekend. Consequently, the Love Parade’s music has become increasingly mainstream and this year’s sounds were disappointingly unoriginal.

The ‘snowline’ conventionally divides Solar System objects into dry bodies, ranging out to the main asteroid belt, and icy bodies beyond the belt. Models suggest that some of the icy bodies may have migrated into the asteroid belt. Recent observations indicate the presence of water ice on the surface of some asteroids, with sublimation a potential reason for the dust activity observed on others.

reconsider: a whole bunch of scientist actually got together, managed to convince others to give them lots of money, built rocket and the like and all kinds of clever contraptions. That’s whats scientist do. Crowdsourcing = ridiculous? Indeed it could be put to many silly uses, but also some clever ones.

C ce que proposent diverses démos réalisées par des virtuoses du CSS (Cascading Style Sheet Feuilles de style en cascade), qui sont capables de reproduire logos et images célèbres en utilisant uniquement du code, sans aucun fichier graphique. Ainsi, l illustrant cet article est une capture au format JPG, mais l est en pure CSS. tonnant, non ?.

Question difficile car nous sommes dans le projet continu. Nous développons les bijoux et les foulards. Ces derniers sont venus spontanément à partir des chaussures : on cherche des motifs, des harmonies et parfois on trouve des choses qui ne peuvent pas s’appliquer à la chaussure, et on se dit que cela ferait un joli foulard..

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