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Assis à ma tablette de cuisine, pour le moral, je me verse une larme de tékilbibine dans ma tassote de kawa. Je me tape quelques triscottes aux oligoéléments. J le vent enfler dehors. The South Darfur office supports a GBV forum composed of men, women and young people from host and camp communities. The forum meets biweekly to discuss and respond to security issues faced by women and girls in the IDP camps. »Women need to be able to gather firewood to feed their children and sell for them to survive, » explains Gladys Atinga, GBV Programme Officer for UNFPA in South Darfur. « We want to make sure that these women can earn their livelihoods in safety. »Twenty year old Zahara, another IDP who lives in the same village in Manawashi, was attacked and raped three years ago, when she was foraging for firewood with about 20 other women. »The others escaped, » says Zahara, an orange veil pulled down low over face obscuring her features.

I hope to go into the 2014 World Cup in great form and performing at my peak. There’s still time for me to do that. What’s more, the chance to play in Brazil is a huge motivation for me. Secondo la propria regolamentazione interna Cathay Pacifi e Cathay Dragon vietano di portare con se a bordo dei propri aeromobili, piccoli veicoli alimentati con batterie al litio. Se i suddetti articoli verranno portati con se in aeroporto ne sarà rifiutato l’imbarco al check in, i passeggeri stessi dovranno quindi occuparsi dello smaltimento degli articoli rifiutati. Ne Cathay Pacific ne Cathay Dragon terranno a deposito questi articoli per ragioni di rischio d’incendio..

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