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Thanks to technology you can partially make up for not being with your friends, family or partner. Yes we have missed a few weddings, births, funerals not to mention birthdays and name days (which are as important as birthdays in Greece). But hopefully sharing our own unique moments at Concordia can act as a counterbalance..

Il utilise chaque ongle comme un médiator parfois avec une telle puissance qu’on imagine qu’il va faire exploser ses doigts et la guitare en même temps ! En fait il triche . je l’apprendrais le lendemain en discutant avec lui. chaque ongle est recouvert d’une épaisse couche d’acrylique qui nécessite un entretien régulier..

« My boobs are a 34 DD and if I don’t wear a good bra, my back hurts, my outfits don’t look right and I whinge. I got fitted at Ann Summers a couple of years ago and know exactly what size and style suits me. I feel I’m not dressed properly without a good bra. ».

My special memory, which was unfortunately not 100 per centhappy, was England v Argentina at St Etienne [1998], which was at a small ground in a very small town and it was an amazing match, for anyone that wasn’t there. I think David Beckham got sent off in that match for a pretty marginal incident, but it was an amazing game, England Argentina, and that was one of my definite really stark memories of the World Cup. In 1966, God knows where I was, in America on tour I should think! This is my third World Cup and I’m very pleased to have brought my youngest son to it and it’s a great thing to be able to do, so I’m really having a good time..

mais on leur offre aussi un entraîneur privé, ce qui nesont peut êtrepas capablece payer. Mais en regardant plus loin, exploiter ces gens (qui sont volontaire) ce n’est pas un crime. MAIS l’exploitation de vie humaine partout dans les pays moins avancés est effroyable.

Sixty five people die in open pit mines in Peru on average each year; around 60% of the fatal accidents are estimated to be due to operator fatigue, due to a driver falling asleep at the wheel. Additionally, near misses occur all the time and are carefully tracked by mine management. Currently, there are no non invasive techniques that can be used to determine an individual’s level of fatigue and mental load while they perform their operational duties, although there are technologies starting to emerge to detect fatigue by other means (Caterpillar, 2008; ESA, 2013)..

Osotomehin is quoted in the piece confirming that the success of the region depends on improving and investing in rights and opportunities for women, adolescents and girls. The conference was organized by UNFPA in cooperation with the Arab League, the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa, and the UN Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia. Read in Arabic: Al Hayat.

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