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18 january 2013 unfpa in the news

Ada Lovelace Day est une autre histoire. On prend un problème existant, la visibilité insuffisante de modèles féminins positifs dans le milieu de la technologie, et on propose une action concrète: la publication de plus d millier d mettant en avant des femmes admirables. Ada Lovelace est généralement reconnue comme ayant écrit le premier programme informatique au monde..

The timers used to work earlier today but now for some reason they wont. I know it sounds redundant but as we are not allowed to leave PT unassigned, I wanted to see if that would have the effect as not passing any variable, like we can do with FBs, and leave the PT variable free to assign in the program. Of course I removed that and am now trying to make it work with a direct assignation of T15000ms at PT..

I grew up working class. I was raised on federally distributed commodity foods, and I am deep in student loan debt. Sometimes I feel as though my clients, who usually make upwards of six figures, can somehow smell the generations of poverty on me in the way I hold my fork or how I pronounce certain words..

As the last long, graceful leg struck the white tiles, I longed for streaking rain, floating snow, plumes of breath, and icy hands. Give me brown and red leaves to crunch, crackling amber fireplaces, and the deepest of red wines. Kiss summer’s hot cheek goodbye to make room for autumn’s cold fingers to clasp your skin..

Lui, il traduisait phpNuke en Chinois. Elle, elle se proposait pour écrire un module supplémentaire. Eux ne comprenaient rien, posaient des questions, et il se trouvait toujours une bonne âme pour leur répondre. Saturation patrols were also conducted in support of the checkpoints. Officers on saturation patrol conducted about 20 traffic stops. The first checkpoint was on South Avenue and the second was on Market Street.

Dès qu’il revint à son fauteuil, assis près de lui (j’étais alors son ministre) je le félicitai du bel hommage dont il avait encadré l’image de Berthelot. Il m’arrêta brusquement: Je le détestais, me dit il. Mais la famille du chimiste avait aussi ses amis acharnés.

With these characters that they originated on the grand ol days of SCTV (at one time actually filmed in Edmonton but prominently regarded across the continent), their skit called The Great White North was a fine vehicle for discussion of all things Canuck: winter, hockey, beer, doughnuts, snow tires, and what to do when you out camping but you forgot a spatula for flipping the back bacon. All the while, the brothers would razz each other with jokes and pranks in a way that made them lesser hosts perhaps but immensely enjoyable to watch. You wished to be one of them.

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