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Nous savions bien ce que nous faisions en vous invitant à occuper le fauteuil de l’illustre philosophe qui nous a quittés. Vous l’avez connu et vous l’avez aimé. Votre beau discours atteste que nous ne nous étions pas trompés en vous confiant la mission de rappeler ici la vie d’un confrère qui était un maître, et dont la pensée a rayonné dans toutes les contrées de l’univers.

Which is what Luis Enrique quite legitimately attempted to do in the Liga at the weekend. It can be hard to judge, however, and the Alavés result left the Barça coach open to complaints. Credit to Luis Enrique, though he knows full well that some rotation is necessary if he is to have a shot at getting to Cardiff for the final..

Look at it this way: Anyone who works a lot makes mistakes from time to time. One thing I would never do again is allow the Executive Committee to award two World Cups at once. It led to a conflict of interests because everyone was able to vote, even if their own country was involved in the bidding.

Depuis le d de la comp la Coupe d des Nations avait offert des matchs assez plaisants avec du jeu direct, mais ce mardi, ni la C d ni la Guin ne sont rentr dans les standards de cette premi journ Emprunt techniquement et peu inspir dans le jeu, la s entra par Herv Renard n jamais mis le grain de folie n ni d la s d favori pour d la comp avec trois points. Si en face, la Guin s surtout content de d les Ivoiriens ont eu besoin d bonne heure pour s au bloc tr bas de leur adversaire. Entr en attaque aux c de Bony, Doumbia a relanc les siens la conclusion d joli mouvement collectif.

On the obverse, the traditional goddess of victory flies into the Panathinaikos stadium bringing victory to the best athlete. The design also includes a ribbon representing London Thames river and an interlocking grid pattern that radiates from the centre and pulls the design together, giving it a sense of outreach while also representing the achievements and efforts of Olympic athletes. A square, which encases the balance of the design, opposes the circular shape of the medals and emphasizes its focus on the centre, reinforcing the sense of as in a map inset..

IPS reported 20 November that, at a high level meeting on maternal health in Ethiopia last month, executive director of UNFPA, Thoraya Ahmed Obaid, said women are dying because for too many years, women’s lives, dreams and rights have not been given the priority attention they deserve. Obaid, who concurs with the secretary general that MDG 5 is « the goal lagging the furthest behind », outlined some of the success stories on maternal health in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Over the past five years in Rwanda, the use of modern contraception has nearly tripled, skilled birth attendance has increased from less than 40 percent to more than 50 percent, and deliveries in health facilities have jumped from less than a third to nearly half of all deliveries.

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