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‘i stole everything’ says one

A day as we measure it for ordinary use is the time period between sun crossings of the north south line (solar day). The actual one revolution on earth axis relative to the « fixed stars » is shorter, about 23 hours 54 minutes and 4 seconds (sidereal day). Rotation around the sun effectively removes one day, so there’s one more day in the sidereal year..

Mas o presidente, democraticamente eleito e reeleito, resistiu e, com ele, a parte da populaço que o apia. E é justamente ela que mais sofre. Curiosamente, nem a eletricidade, nem o gs encanado foram afetados pela « greve geral ». The car was also white, right down to the upholstery. I have no idea whether that player got that car to match that family or whether he got that family to match that car. I just know I was really, really jealous of all of it that night..

The self professed Drag Historian, she loves playing up a character to make an other wise boring thing quite interesting. She practically the Ms. Frizzle of drag from what I see!. The sculpture’s very Italianate elegance probably stems from the fact that Primaticcio did the drawing for it. The adolescent’s hunched posture, sitting on a rock gazing intently down at the tablet, is freely inspired by a famous classical statue, the Spinario or Thorn Puller (Palazzo dei Conservatori, Rome), offered by Pope Sixtus IV to the people of Rome in 1471. The sculptor gave the spirit a vigorous, firm fleshed physique.

Well this image provides yet another view of Philae’s first touchdown and another opportunity to examine where she might have travelled. So I got my coloured crayons out again to see what emerged. Again these images are not meant to be a representation of reality, but just to give an idea of what may have happened using the few clues publicly available.

Through community based girls’ clubs, the programme helps girls aged 8 to 18 navigate adolescent transitions. Safe spaces were created in rural communities, where girls and their mothers can come together to gain important life skills. Sessions cover improving self esteem, developing aspirations, planning for the future, learning about sexual and reproductive health, and learning how to prevent HIV/AIDS.

« Plutôt que le baptême, j’ai choisi pour ma fille l’option du parrainage républicain à la mairie de mon village. Je l’informe des différences entre les religions, et je l’emmène en visite dans des églises, des temples, des mosquées, et nous assistons ensemble quelquefois à certains rituels. Pour le moment, elle n’y a vu que des objets d’art, et pas de concept divin ! Mais si plus tard, elle sent le besoin de se trouver un guide, ça me décevra, mais je n’y mettrai aucune objection.

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